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Education is very essential to survive in this modernised world. School is the first hierarchy for each and every child to begin his/her chapter of education. That is why parents are very much concerned about the studies of their children. As we always talk about education and its priorities. But now a days security in schools is also a major concern where there are many cases come and become viral. So that parents need to visit to school frequently. So it may affect the studies of children studying in schools.

The reasons why all the parents admit their children in high schools are as follows-

  • To score very good marks.
  • Usually, high schools give very good indoor quality, properly clean toilets, pollution free classrooms, so that children feel happy and should have the increased attendance every day.
  • The decreased operation cost- high schools are specifically designed. They use life cycle cost techniques and utilise less amount of electric energy and also use less water than other normal schools.
  • High schools actually are excellent schools to provide higher education to students. It is the effective place to work efficiently and invest energy. Hence, high performance schools stick to teachers attention and satisfaction.
  • Generally, high schools have minimised the liability.

Here is the entire list of top schools in gurgaon are as under-

The shri ram school

The Shri ram school is one of the top notch school of gurgaon. It provides modern and futuristic infrastructure and is furnished completely with football ground,cricket pitch, basketball courts and an outdoor platform. This school campus believes that the involvement of parents is very important to raise up the talent of the children. The shri ram school was established in the year 2000 and follow ICSE board. This schools is located in phase IV- DLF city.

The heritage school

The heritage school campus provides the best modern facilities to the students such as eco- friendly classrooms qualified with audio- visual aids, medical room, playground, laboratories, library, resource room and cafeteria. This school also provides design Labs for textile, pottery, multimedia, carpentry and handicrafts. It was established in the year 2002 and follows CBSE board.

The shikshantar school

Shikshantar school is the best school for giving higher education to the children. The education programme at shikshantar school is motivated by an interdisciplinary understanding of psychology, philosophy, human development and education. This high performance schools provides adequate opportunities and facilities to all the children to cherish the relationship of outside and inside learning experiences. This school follows ICSE board and located in south city, gurgaon.

GD goenka world school

GD goenka world school provides good environment and modules to all the students, so that they can raise up confidence and explore more. This school campus is coupled with ultra modern technologies and trained faculty as well. This school is established in 1994 and located in sohna gurgaon road.

All the schools I have mentioned above are the best schools in gurgaon. Parents can admit their children in any of these school without any fear. They will provide higher safety and modern technology to your children.

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