When it comes to social prestige and acceptance, law along with engineering and medicine has always occupied the top position in India. Law, in fact, has become one of the most lucrative career options in recent times owing to a host of factors. Economic liberalization, globalization and opening up of the country’s borders has made law one of the most happening courses of study in the country.  A unique aspect of this course of study is that law graduates can hold offices in all three branches of the Government: executive, legislature, and judiciary. Also, post-liberalization, India has seen a massive influx of MNCs and LPOs, allowing law graduates vast career opportunities in fields outside of the legal profession.

An extensive set of new rules and regulations governing various sectors in India like finance and banking, media, construction, data protection, Intellectual property right( IPR), insurance, Information technology( IT), corporate governance, etc has revolutionized the law industry as a whole. These sectors together require thousands of people every year and employ top law graduates from well-established law colleges in Mumbai and other parts of the country.

Additionally, overall global spending on legal services has shot up precipitously in the process creating additional employment opportunities for law graduates.  However, before you embark on your law journey, you need to honestly assess yourself and find out if you have the requisite skill sets and aptitude to make it big in the profession. Some of the important traits or skills that all good lawyers invariably possess are mentioned as following:

Excellent communication skills—this is the Holy Grail of law. A person who does not have excellent communication skills is simply not cut out for the profession, especially if he/she is interested in practicing law in courtrooms. Lawyers have to question the witness, make forceful points and prepare various drafts and documents. All these require sound communication skills.

Problem-solving ability, analytical ability, logical reasoning, patience, open mind, etc are some of the other important traits that you need to possess to succeed in this profession.

There are many law schools or universities in India.  Quite a few of them enjoy a stellar reputation of developing top quality graduates. It is common for law aspirant, as it is for students of another discipline, to apply to at least 6-8 law schools to enhance the chances of acceptance.  Casting a wider net also means that you can be accepted by more than one institute. Under such circumstances, it becomes pretty difficult for an aspirant to give preference to one law school over other more so if both enjoy an enviable track record.  You also cannot afford to be adopting an insouciant attitude towards the selection process as your entire career depends upon it.

There is no definite guarantee that school in which you finally enrol in will turn out to be the best one for you but paying close attention to following factors definitely enhances your chances of getting the best deal for yourself and maximise your chances of gaining admission in an institute which makes you ready for hundreds of legal career opportunities that exist in the legal industry.

Brand value of the law school

Top law schools anywhere in the country or the world have a unique culture of their own. They offer an education which is of immediate practical relevance and hence enhances the employability of a law graduate by several notches.  If you have time, you can personally visit the campuses of all the law colleges you have in mind to know more about their faculty, infrastructure, and their alumni network. The same information can also be found on their website. If you planning on studying law in Mumbai, you can gather first-hand information about the law courses in Mumbai offered by top-rated institutes and how it fits in with your personality and career aspirations.

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