Write a Narrative Essay
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First, let us recall how the narrative text is constructed:

Narrative essay introduction

  • Who! Where? When? – here are three cornerstones on which the exposition stands.
  • Who participated in the event?
  • Where did it happen?
  • When did it happen?

Essay body

  • How did it all start?
  • Themselves beg for the words and phrases: “One day …”, “One fine (terrible) day …”, “Once …”
  • The action develops, it becomes more and tenser and reaches its culmination.

Narrative essay culmination

  • This event is in the centre of the narrative and should be highlighted. It’s good if the event is unusual, memorable. It is described in more detail.
  • What’s unusual happened?
  • What did I feel about it?
  • How did you behave?
  • The words: “Suddenly …” and “Suddenly …”

After the most important event, the tension gradually decreases and reaches an outcome.

Narrative essay example: “As I once hid under the stairs”

This happened eight years ago. I was a first-grader then, and I just found out what it was like to wake up every day at 7 o’clock in the morning.

One morning I so wanted to sleep, that I decided not to respond to the words of parents trying to wake me up.

“I will not get up for anything!” – I decided.

But they still managed to raise me. I had a slow breakfast, hoping to pity my parents and not go to school. Unequal opposition began. Two against one. At first, I asked, then my requests turned into a protest. Then my father used the main argument – he took out his belt and began to intimidate me. I had to go to school.

Furious, with eyes red from tears, I stepped on the threshold of the school. The bell has long rung. After putting the clothes in the wardrobe, I wandered into the classroom. My heart was beating wildly. I was afraid of teachers’ anger, and I was ashamed of being late.

I walked to the landing and … hid under the stairs.

“No, no, I will not go to class!” Shouted the inner voice.

It was warm and safe under the stairs. Here no one could notice me.
“Sit here all the lessons, and then, as if nothing had happened, I’ll return home.” Nobody will know anything, – I decided.

The bell rang from the lesson. The silence was interrupted by the shouts of the first-graders and the tramping of their feet. I froze and prayed that no one would take a peek under the stairs. I wanted to become invisible.

Again the call, the cries are silent, and I again enjoy the silence. With a sigh of relief, I am sure that I can realise my plan.

Suddenly I notice that the cleaning lady is coming down the stairs. My thoughts are confused, I look at her with horror and wait for what will happen next. I’m lost!

“What class are you from?” – The cleaner is interested. – Let me take you.

Her voice sounded so kindly that I decide to trust and now I feel protected. We’re going to my class.
-What will happen now? -I think with fear.

I see a smile on the face of the teacher. No reproaches! She takes my hand and escorts to the desk. The lesson continues, and you can breathe a sigh of relief.

So this crazy morning ends happily. I remember him well and have not been late since then.

Narrative essay sample is prepared by Olivia Stephens from OneEssay.

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