Prepare Math for JEE Examination
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Among all the three subjects, maths is the most scoring in the JEE exam. In general maths or mathematics is a basic school subject which mainly based on calculations, theorems, different formulae, etc.

As the syllabus for JEE Maths is vast as an ocean, students should be very serious in their time management. It is one of the toughest entrance exams conducted by the CBSE – Central Board Of Secondary Education all over India. The total number of students appearing for this competitive exam is increasing every year. Those candidates, aspiring to get admissions into one among the top IITs in India should be thorough in their preparations.

Here are some effective study tips to score well in the JEE math exam.

  • Begin your preparation by preparing a study goal. Make a list of the chapters along with the time distribution. Make sure that you have enough study material required for both JEE Mains and JEE Advanced.
  • Plan accordingly, as there will be a lot of study material and important points to cover for which you need sufficient time.
  • Complete the syllabus a week before the exam. And during the last week, practice all the mathematical concepts and revise the study material provided by a coaching institute.
  • Always do practice by writing rather than reading because by writing the answer will be clearer.
  • Try to learn as many formulas as possible and find some shortcuts.
  • Clear all the doubts by meeting experts or teachers.
  • Have a group discussion so that you may gain more points on different topics.
  • Every chapter of mathematics contains formula and definitions which are important to know, before learning any formula, always read the definitions related to the formula.
  • Practice more model papers, sample papers, test papers, and JEE Mains study materials on the daily basis as most of the questions may be repeated.
  • Make a sheet of important concepts, formulas, definitions, theorems of geometry and practice them regularly.

These were some effective study tips to score well in the JEE math exam. Hope it will be useful. All the best.

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