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No doubt about that the primary education is the mother of all education and it is the fundamental right of every child on earth. It is the basic responsibility of the state to provide primary education along with the parents to send their young kids to school. The primary education brings awareness among the masses, open a gateway towards the opportunities such as self-advancement, decreases the chronic and inter-generational poverty. Primary education is the first step creating welfare and educated society, so it works as the backbone for creating sustainable development. So, there is dire need to provide every single child a full course of primary education.

The primary education parameters usually start at the age of 4 up to the age of 10 or 12 in the most of the developed countries.

According to the UNESCO institute for statistics the whole world need to:

  • Have to make sure 1.7 availability of teaching positions in order to get universal Primary Education.
  • Have to make alternatives of 5.1 million teachers, in near future that will leave the teaching profession.
  • There is dire need to hire 6.8 million teachers to provide primary education to every child.

In the contemporary world, competition is at their peak, the young generation of every state or country has to develop their workforce in the shape of fully educated young youth. So the need of primary education becomes more compulsory to meet the challenges of the world and also create a respectable place in world forums. So, every state in the world has to make sure to implement the role regarding sending every child to school at the age of 4 or 6.

The primary education is a gateway to learning things which will be helpful for every individual for their bright future and he/she will be able to contribute in their countries development. Primary education is basically a base of seeking knowledge which may include knowledge of all the necessary disciplines. Young kids learn counting, world formation and learning of general ethics, norms, and values of the society.

Without getting primary education, poverty will rise and a state will not have a discipline and well-organized workforce to combat with the modern challenges of the world. All the developed countries of the world put their affirmative efforts and actions to provide primary education of kids without making discrimination whether anyone is running with the low income or with the high income. The primary education in most of the developed countries is free such United States, Germany, France, UK and many others.  These countries enable their youngest generation to learn about the science, Mathematics, art and language necessarily.

The primary education parameters usually start at the age of 4 up to the age of 10 or 12 in the most of the developed countries.  Simply all the higher education comes later, without primary education it is impossible to achieve anything.

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