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Every year, many students fail due to not having the proper knowledge of citing. The citation is a way that tells a reader that the part or the line which he or she is reading has taken over from any other place and here is the reference from which the writer has taken it. Many writers who write books or any other written materials do this just to show that they are not copying anything from anywhere else. This is like showing a good gesture towards other writer and giving him full credit for his work. However, in the academic and college assignments, the citation is a critical issue.

Every college has different policies over the citation and they ask for different styles of citation. Being a college student, only you can know which style of citation your college accept. That is why by taking any assignment help, a student makes this mistake in his assignment which cost him big on the result day. That is why it is important to know about the citation style of different colleges.

In the next lines of this article, I am going to tell you about the citation style of top four documents.

  1. APA:

The American Psychological Association or the APA style is the preferred style for science and social science document. If you are a social science or science student and writing any document, then you have to make sure to consider the following things while citing the source.

  • Use double spacing with one-inch margin
  • Use 12 point font size
  • Use only the Times New Roman while citing
  1. MLA:

The Modern Language Association or the MLA style is typically only used by the students of the literature and humanities whenever they have to write any document. The MLA citation style is based on two parts with the supplementary entries for each source. In the in-text citation, you only have to identify the source and points the reader to the works cited list. Moreover, you only have to add the last name of the author or the article name only when the author’s name is not available.

  1. AMA:

If you are writing any medical document or research paper, then you have to follow the American Medical Association style. In the AMA citation style, you have to cite every source in numerical form in the body of the document. You either have to place the numbers of the citation outside the commas or periods or you have to use semicolons or colons to make these numbers prominent. Then at the end of the document, you have to create a list in the same numerical order that you have used in the body which should refer to all the citations that you have used in the body. Make sure you use the right number with the right citation or else you could get yourself in trouble.

  1. Chicago:

This is another style of citation that is used by the humanities and social sciences students. The Chicago citation style is the manually one, that is why it is also called as CMS the Chicago Manual of Style. In this citation style, you have to use a superscript number after quoted or paraphrased text. Give each sequenced citation a number according to all the references at the end of the document.

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