Teaching the Combat Sports
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Today, most people will expect their trainers to hold a certain certification or proof of qualification to ensure that they are getting their money’s worth. In addition, a trainer who has a certification will provide an assurance that they are aware on what they are doing. Thailand offers a wide range of certification course that allows the trainer to be certified in teaching Muay Thai. It also gives them knowledge to administer first aid during an injury and skills that will help them run a training camp.

Muay Thai Certification Course in Thailand

Taking a formal education on Muay Thai will take you to the fundamentals of the combat sports; from elbows, kicks punches to the advance movement that allows you to customize your way of teaching the sports to address the needs of your trainees. It will also provide the participants with skills and competency to properly evaluate the movement and skills and correct it during various situations while they are teaching.

The Muay Thai Course is essential for every enthusiast who wants to be certified. All participants will need to complete the 32-hour course of this class. It is intended to deliver the skills and experience that the students need that will enable them to teach effective and safe movement to a wide range of audience with varying fitness level. You will be able to learn how to properly handle the mitts and conduct the appropriate execution of different movements. When you study in Thailand, you will be able to get a firsthand experience on how a professional instructor should act that will shorten the participant’s learning curve.

The aim of the course is to provide the participants with technical skills and knowledge that is based on the Muay Thai principles that will allow them to integrate it on the programs that their clients requires. They will learn how to properly analyze biomechanics and simple movements and conduct a technical approach when needed. They will also have the confidence to correct the student’s mistake in training that will accelerate the entire learning process.

After the course, the participant should be able to teach Muay Thai to the beginners and professionals. They should be able to successfully integrate this into their fitness activity including personal training at the camp such as Muaythaiworlds.com, group exercise, corporate exercises, confidence building, school education, professional fight, and others.

The course will start by introducing the student to the culture of Thailand and the art of Muay Thai. They will also teach you the necessary equipment and tools should you decide to start your own training camp. They will also be guided on their responsibility when it comes to the safety and security of their trainees. In order to graduate from this course, you will need to show a profound understanding on the biomechanics of the fundamental movements. You should also demonstrate a strong coaching skills and safe methodology.

For those who want to be certified in teaching Muay Thai in Thailand; be sure to look for a comprehensive course that will give you the confidence to coach different practitioners.

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