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Every art has its individual glories and points of pride, but few things bring the world together quite like music. A love of music truly is as universal as it gets. No matter who you are or where you come from, chances are you have a taste in music which is not only shaped by your region, but likely shared by many millions across the world.

Few instruments are more truly universal than the guitar. From its long history in Spain to its spread throughout the rest of the world, the guitar has been on the rise for centuries. From George Harrison to Jimi Hendrix to Carlos Santana, the number of great guitarists in everything from rock and roll to folk music to salsa, jazz, classical, and so on have inspired countless millions more to pick up a pick and start playing!

Here is what you can expect from the best guitar classes in Singapore:

The Importance of Memorisation

Learning music really is like learning a whole new language. In one respect, that’s great. It can even help get you into college, as universities look at extracurriculars like musical knowledge as part of admission.

That said, as with learning any new language, memorisation is key. It is absolutely essential that the core concepts of music in general and guitar playing in particular become second nature to you before you can even think about strumming out some of the latest or greatest hits. That’s why the best guitar classes stress memorisation and help students memorise music as well as guitar techniques with fun, helpful exercises.

Teaching Various Genres and Forms

One of the great testaments to the versatility of the guitar has been its adaptability. That’s why the best guitar teachers can teach a variety of different forms and genres, from the purest acoustic models to the most blaringly electric guitar, from folk music to metal and everything in between.

Enthusiasm and Experience

One of the main reasons people stop learning a language is boredom, and the same applies to music. The learning process can be hard at times, and having a teacher who knows how to make it fun is invaluable. That’s why the best guitar classes feature teachers who know how to do just that. From innovative exercises to techniques for playing songs to an unbridled enthusiasm and pure passion for their craft and calling, these teachers know how to play and are ready to share their gift with students.

Of course, that type of craftsmanship takes time to learn. The best guitar classes feature teachers with years of experience, ensuring you or your child receives training from an expert.

Find out more about guitar classes in Singapore and begin your path to playing like a pro today!

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