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“It is not about how much money you make, it is how you save it!”

The say is more accurate when you are a student living in the UK. Plus, it is sure that the education you decided to get in England will boost your potential for the desired job and salary, but it would demand a fortune first.

Living in a prestigious country like UK is far from a piece of cake; you have to be quite vigilant with the money throughout your studies. However, there are many money-saving tips that may save you loads of cash. We are sharing some of them below:

Ask for Student’s Discounts

It is a not-to-miss opportunity for students. Many new students who couldn’t attend the fresher’s week might not know how student discounts work. They should head right away to the shops and outlets where amazing deals and student discounts are available. Many traders generally advertise special student discounts or you may ask if they do have the discount offers by showing your college/university card.

Patronize Farmer’s Market

In every city and town, there is a farmer’s market held on the high street or some corner in the locality once or twice a week. It is the place where farmers are usually merchants and sell their cheapest fruits and vegetables. Ask you colleagues about such street markets that would help you cut back on spending and you’ll be supporting some local farmers too.

Cut Your Hair Yourself

Studies tell that cutting your hair yourself saves money up to £250 per year. For women, they should relax their hair less often. The more they wear their hair, the more they’ll have to visit a stylist for trims and touch-ups to keep looking great. Low maintenance hair styles are something that can be worn with almost any lifestyle; they look hippyas well as save you money too.

Invest in Travel Cards

If you are a kind of person who enjoys travelling, investing in travel cards will save you a lot of money.Full-time students of age 16-25 are subject to the rail cards, which give them a third off of rail journeys across the UK. They can purchase the card for a year or three and keep exploring the UK’s new places.

Signup for Cashbacks

Cashbacks sound too good to be true but it is not in real. There are some sites where you get some money back (cashback) on making a purchase through them. It is not a scam because they are promoting some companies’ products so everybody wins when you buy through them. Conclusively, signing up for cashbacks is another great way to save money in the UK.

Shop at Charity Shops

Since most of the items sold at charity are donations and the work is done voluntarily, the shops charge relatively low price for every item. Every year, a great number of charity outlets are setto sell second-hand donated goods to raise funds for a range of causes around the UK. You can certainly make the most of your money by shopping at such charity shops.

Use Skype for Calling Home

For saving money on mobile and landline, Skype is a go-to way for international students to call home. Not only that they can talk for free but enjoy video calls too. All it requires is an internet connection, a Skype account, a computer or a smartphone device, and a set of headphone and microphone attached. Even if the next person doesn’t use Skype, you can still contact them on their phone through Skype at very inexpensive rates.

Make Purchases at Seasonal Sales and Stock Clearance

When making a deal, time and information counts a lot. Look out for seasonal sales and stock clearance to take advantage of extraordinary discounts. Many stores slash down prices of their old stock during seasonal sales or stock clearance, so it is a great opportunity for smart customers to mark down the calendar and save as much money as they can.

Avoid joining a Gym

A gym membership costs £25 per month, which ends up to not going at consistently. You may find many other ways of keeping yourself fit rather than joining a gym. Some of which includes going for a walk or cycling to the campus every day and jogging twice or thrice a week. It keeps you fit and saves your wallet at the same time.

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