MBA Colleges Produce Better Graduates

Demands for good MBA graduates who are confident and self-aware about their abilities have reached an unprecedented level in India. Good management colleges in Haryana with the right faculty, state of the art infrastructure and up-to-date curriculum can provide tremendous upward thrust to a student’s career and open new vistas of opportunities and expertise for him.

Unfortunately, a growing number of sub-par institutes that have set shop to cash on the increasing trend of students’ inclination towards attaining a professional degree like MBA, has put management courses and their validity under a cloud in India. Sceptics argue that a master’s degree in business administration from shoddy institutes fails to develop student with sufficient level of professional expertise. The end result is that students passing out from these institutes often struggle to find meaningful jobs that can provide them with good money and satisfactory career progression. What is more, it is often claimed that with little variation in what is taught in these B-schools—making an MBA degree more like a commodity that can be brought at the right price—it hardly matters where you end up!

Experts, academicians and management gurus, however, argue that an MBA degree from a good B-school is still relevant and getting a management degree from a prestigious institute is the way to go if you want a rewarding career with good financial security.

On the other hand, getting a degree from substandard college can do your career aspirations more harm than good. You will have little to show after spending two years in a college that is more interested in making money rather than on improving the quality of its curriculum and faculty so that it can better place its students. Finding the right college, however, is not as easy as it initially seems. You need to look beyond its ranking or the ‘prestigious’ tag that is associated with it. You have to delve a bit deeper to understand your true interest and passion. Your preparedness to handle the hectic life of an MBA graduate, your temper and interest in the area you are working in and attitude and your ability to keep learning lifelong are some of the important factors that need your considerable attention before you settle upon a particular college.

It is also imperative to understand that a significant majority of successful MBA graduates use the qualification to augment skills and expertise they already have. It is quiet unlikely to think that top companies will pay you top money imply because you have three new letters after your name. This is the reason students looking for a complete change of direction are suggested to look for best MBA colleges in Haryana as recruiters visiting their campuses will be buying prospective talents that can do well in future.

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