GRE test

When you are about to finish your high school, a very important decision needs to be taken. You have to figure out the university that you want to join and the course that you would like to pursue. To get admission in a good Graduate school you will need to score well in GRE. This is a very important test many students give to better their chances of getting into reputed Graduate schools. Some schools even mention the kind of scores they expect from their applicants to join a particular course. The test is quite difficult and you need to take proper preparation to try and ace it.

If you have been preparing for a while now, you must already know all these stuff. As the day of the exam approaches, your anxiety and stress levels also bound to increase. Any GRE institute will prepare you to stay calm during the exam so that you are able to perform up to your potential.

Things to carry

There are certain things that you must carry with you to the exam centre to be allowed to sit for the exam. You should carry a minimum of two ID proofs with you. Another thing is the admit ticket which is a proof that you registered for the exam.

Things not to carry

Proving your identity is extremely important at the test centre, so you should not carry any expired ID proofs or unacceptable IDS such as birth certificates and Debit or Credit cards.

Days before

On the last few days before your test, you need to make practice your mantra. You should practise all the problems that you have difficulty with more and more. You should also take full practise tests to evaluate how well you are on track with your goal. You should also practise you timing. You have to complete the whole test in the allotted time and missing out any question just because you didn’t have time will be quite upsetting.

Day before

Though most people tend to have a habit of revising more and more on the last day, you should do just the opposite. The day before the test should be a complete holiday for you so that your body is well rested and relaxed. This will help you be mentally as well as physically prepared for the exam. You should sleep early on the last day to get a proper amount of rest so that the nest day you are totally refreshed and energised.

On the day

On the test day you should wake up early and take a small recap session. Eating nutritious food is also necessary to keep you fit when you give the exam. You should wear comfortable clothes and reach the centre at least 15-20 minutes before the allotted time.

During the test

Once the test starts, just try to focus on your work. Look at the question in front of you and forget everything else. Try to solve the problem at hand as fast as possible without getting distracted. Don’t waste time on a particular question, instead move on to the next one. But you should also not rush as that would lead to careless mistakes.

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