Psychometric Test
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Psychometric test in the earlier days was conducted to test for educational purposes only. It was held to test the intelligence, aptitude, and personality of the student. These tests used to help the educational institutes to decide on the selection of the students in their course or program.

These days Psychometric test is also used by recruiters in the organizations to hire the right talent. After analysing the importance of these tests and how it identifies the calibre of the candidate, most of the companies have now opted for a Psychometric test for selection. This test is also used to decide on the promotion of the candidates.

The Psychometric test assessment provides an insight to the employer in terms of how does the candidates handle stress, whether the candidate is able to cope with intellectual demands of the job, candidate’s presence of mind etc. Most of the companies are now using psychometric tests for selection and recruitment and for the career progression.

Types of Psychometric Test:

  1. Personality test: Personality of the candidate is of great importance in the business organization. This test will examine the candidate’s feelings, thoughts and behaviour in different situations in work and outside of work. Personality has an important role in knowing whether the candidate has the enthusiasm and motivation to give in the best in the business.
  2. Aptitude Test: Aptitude test consists of various multiple choice questions that analyse the verbal, numerical, abstract reasoning, spatial abilities etc. These tests are made suitable to the role and the department. Mechanical reasoning or fault diagnosis are held only for the technical engineering candidates. Aptitude tests are strictly timed. The candidates need to finish the test in the given time.

How these tests help the recruiter?

  1. Psychometric test provides measurable and objective data. This helps to give an overall view of the candidate’s performance and suitability. Usually, only the subjective view is analysed by the candidate’s through the resume and interview round. Psychometric test gets more specific and objective.
  2. Reduces Biasness: These tests are standardized tests based on the role. There is a very less scope of biases since the answers are more objective and it is measurable.
  3. Screening the candidates: These tests help the recruiter to screen the candidates. Screening of the candidates helps the recruiter to not go through the tedious job of interviewing every candidate. The number of candidates will be reduced since these tests are conducted before the interview round.

Requirements in a Psychometric Test:

There are certain requirements that need to be there in every psychometric test. Some of them are as follows:

  1. Objective: The score must not affect the recruiter’s beliefs or values. The score is based on the objective answers given by the candidates only.
  2. Reliable: It should minimize and quantify all the intrinsic errors.
  3. Non- Discriminatory: It should not discriminate amongst the candidates based on their gender, religion, beliefs, culture etc.
  4. Standardized: The test must be conducted and administered under control conditions.
  5. Predictive: The test should give an accurate prediction of the candidate’s performance.

The recruiters wouldn’t have a detailed knowledge about all the above information. The recruiters need to hire companies that conduct these psychometric tests. Hire a company that is in your city or location. It is easier to communicate with each other. A recruiter will need assistance from these companies to conduct these tests. You can get a list of companies that deal with the Psychometric test in that area.

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