Teachers are important Teachers are important

Students spend the initial hours of their new fresh day in school with fellows and teachers. They learn a lot being a part of an institute and therefore it’s much important that their surroundings entail no harmful entities, so that they can continue their learning’s in a safe environment. Teachers are important and prominent features of an institute who play a vital role in a child’s development. Our society neglects a fact that teachers can also be harm to their children. Though teachers are second parents and they care for students in same way actual parents do but still, their some actions in classroom can be totally destructive for children’s growth. This article will discuss how teachers can be a bad influence on students.

  1. Shouting in Class:

Teacher has to be completely composed personality in order to control any kind of situation with calmness. If teachers will be out of control, they’ll be shouting in class without even realizing it. Shouting promotes aggression and it is not a good message for students. From such a scenario, students will learn to shout in stressful situations instead of looking for a peaceful solution. This practice of shouting by teachers give birth to increased violence in children.

  1. Inactive & Lethargic Teachers:

Children don’t only listen to lectures but also learn from teacher’s body language Write my assignment for me. If a teacher is active and super energetic, then students will be highly involved in classroom activities. But, if teachers will show inactivity and sluggishness while conducting a class, students will also become less enthusiastic and choose to complete tasks slowly. It’s very much important that teachers avoid being inactive and lethargic, because their good mood will bring energy in student’s life.

  1. Severe Punishments:

Children make mistakes, and they should be punished in order to eliminate those blunders completely. From punishments, they’ll learn that some things are not to be done and if they’ll do it, they’ll face consequences. But, if teachers will start punishing brutally, they’ll ultimately damage the personalities of children. Choose punishments which don’t cause physical pain or extra psychological pressure but only make the child learn about limitations. Severe punishments, given by teachers in classroom, destroy the confidence of students and make them ashamed in front of everyone else.

  1. Improper classroom management:

The environment of classroom directly influences the performance of students. If they are provided peaceful and fresh surroundings then their activity level will be higher than usual, whereas if the environment of classroom is not fine due to poor management then it’s going to bring student’s performance lower. Improper classroom management disturbs the discipline of class which affect the student’s classroom performance and personal development as well.

  1. Insufficient knowledge of content:

The more knowledge teachers will have, the more they’ll share with their students. A good teacher always have command on the subject, he or she teaches. If teachers will not have sufficient knowledge then they’ll be unable to deal with enquirers put forward by students regarding any course topic of lecture.

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