School Homework

The situation of the students earlier

Times have certainly changed. Students in the back of the days had to walk on their own feet to school, while trudging through several inches of snow. The famous three R’s were considered the base of the curriculum of all the schools, even the ways of maintaining discipline in the classroom changed with the rulers being hidden away. A lot of traditions associated with educated have become outdated and the time is not far when a societal change would be seen by bringing an end to the tool of homework for the children of today.

The situation of education as of now

With time, education has become quite complicated. Students nowadays do not have the same school environment as did their parents or grandparents. They have a really tough curriculum to follow now as per the national and state standards. There are so many concepts introduced into the curriculum at such basic grade levels that it is impossible for the students to relax. Despite all the pressures mounting up, there is a decrease in the relaxation time for an average child, as the recess and play time has been reduced to nothing.

Students who spend more than half of the day at school have not much time left for them to do any other activity. They have to complete the homework at home for a considerable time period and go to bed late at night. This condition of theirs does not leave any room for them to be fresh the next day or learn anything new. This routine affects their grades as well, which would not be favorable for a better career option for them.

How does homework affect children?

Homework even affects the very young children as it is common for the first and second graders to get a whole truckload of homework on a regular basis as well. How to step by step homework concept An average child in an elementary school hardly gets a ten to fifteen minutes of play time each day. In certain district schools, the recess time has been already removed. If such an amount of homework would be given on a regular basis, then when would they get the chance to live their childhood?

When kids are not able to understand any assignment, then what should they? Is parents’ involvement necessary? But what if the parents themselves are not aware of the difficult concepts which their child has to learn on a regular basis? They might not have even heard those terminologies and ideas that are being taught to their child.

The options

Some of the options should be to let the students practice their skills, rather than just getting the theoretical knowledge. At the schools, children should be taught to Do My Essay For Me the practice activities in the class, instead of bringing the homework to home. The benefits of this is that it would let the kids have some time to enjoy their childhood and even explore their interests and have a hobby of their own. The teachers will then be able to play their real role of showing the students how a math problem is solved or the real motive of studying arts and literature. It is actually the teacher’s job to teach and not the parents who does not know much about the subjects taught. Lastly, the students will live a much stress free life, the stress they get after school to complete the homework, that is.

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